Advertisements, totems, 3D letters

Production and installation

Your one-sided or two-sided illuminated or non-illuminated advertising is the first encounter of your potential customer or service user with you and your services and products, and it should look striking and attractive, but also decent.

Your advertisement, regardless of whether it is a billboard or a standard advertisement, will be a symbol of your store, salon, craft, company, office or any other activity and your customers will always recognize it and connect it with you.

Feniks Digital illuminated advertisements are made of certified high quality parts, exclusively from EU manufacturers. The frame of the illuminated advertisements is made of anodized aluminum, the interior is high-quality LED lighting, and the face of plexiglass is painted with translucent foils resistant to external influences. Due to the high quality of workmanship, materials and installation, you can use our advertisements outdoors or indoors.

In addition to standard advertisements, we also offer popular advertising columns that are usually called totems – these are freestanding, mostly two-sided, illuminated advertisements that promote the name and services / products of advertisers. Totems can be illuminated or non-illuminated, rectangular or rounded in shape, and made of alubond or plexiglass material.

3D letters in a sign, decoration or advertisement are a great way to stand out and attract attention. As the 3D letters are convex, they are very noticeable and prominent and provide quality and interesting advertising and presentation.

We make 3D letters from styrofoam, forex and plexiglass of the highest quality and strength, which ensures the product’s durability.

Advertisements, totems and 3D letters are the right way to stand out – contact us for additional information and inquiries, tell us what kind of advertisement, totem or 3D letters you want, and we will advise you on the best solutions, and design the best product for you.

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